Creative Card Collage for Under $3.00

Are plain walls in your home begging for decoration, but you have no money in your budget for artwork? Do you have any greeting cards around?

Greeting cards are paper cards that are sent as Christmas cards, thank you notes, Easter cards, or birthday cards. Sort through the cards you have and look for cards that have some similarities and that you think are really beautiful. For instance, you may have a card with a golden retriever on it. You then find a card with a picture of a dog under a tree. Third you find among your cards, a picture of just a tree with the word “Persistence” on it.

Look for a few really beautiful cards.

I found a card with a pair of cardinals on it. I found a card with a beautiful tree on it with sparkles and the word, “Believe.” The third card I chose had a snowman surrounded by children.

Next you need frames for your artwork. I looked around the house and found three small, empty frames. You could buy some inexpensive frames for a few dollars at the Dollar Store if you do not have any around the house.

One of the cards I chose fit perfectly into one of the frames I had without needing to be cut. The card with the cardinals had to be cut and then trimmed in order to fit properly into the frame I had. The other card was smaller than the frame so I centered it on a red background.

Once all the cards you selected are framed, arrange them in small groups on your wall in an appealing arrangement. If you like art, this part of the project will be the easiest I think.

Does this creative card collage make the room so much more cozy?

I hope you enjoy this project and the results. Being frugal does not mean we have to have drab homes. A little creativity mixed with a little work and just a few dollars is a recipe for a creative card collage. God bless!

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