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Double the Dryer Softening

I have a new tip from a friend in Wisconsin to save you money on softening your clothes in the dryer.  We need to watch every dollar! Hanging wash on the line is the least expensive way to dry our wash. The northeast has been dry and hot, so I have been washing heavy quilts and comforters and hanging them on the line. The bedding will be clean for the winter.

At certain times of the year, we all have to use the dryer. Some people do not have the option to hang wash outside. To get clothes soft and static free, use dryer sheets. My friend in Wisconsin says cut the dryer sheets in half. You get twice the number of loads of softness for the same money!

Personally I am allergic to dryer sheets. I know others are too. We add a little more softener to the wash when it is in the washing machine.  Proverbs 10:4, “He who has a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” Keep being frugal it will pay off.

Watch Portions

Just a reminder to watch amounts when you are doing the laundry, cleaning, showering, or doing the dishes. What do I mean? If you are showering just to cool off, time your shower and use a small amount of bar soap. If you are doing dishes and you had a salad instead of fried fish, put less dish soap on the sponge to clean the dishes. When you do the wash and it is only a small load, use less than the suggested portion of laundry soap.

Recently the maker of our fabric softener enlarged their cap. Why? I do not know. When you are accustomed to filling the cap halfway, you are likely to continue filling the cap halfway. Since the cap is larger, you will use more fabric softener. Be alert!

Donna Spudis, August 1, 2015