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How to Reuse Workbooks

Workbooks and textbooks used for homeschooling are expensive! How can you reuse them in order to save the expense of buying new ones for the next student? Perhaps you could have the student write in pencil and then spend hours erasing the pencil or…
Buy plastic sleeves and dry erasable markers. Remove the pages carefully from the workbook and have a handy place to keep them once the student is finished with it. Cover each workbook page with the plastic sleeve before the child works on the page. Have the student use the dry erasable markers on the page to do the work. When the student is finished, mark the work done in the teacher planner. Erase the work, which takes just seconds. Put the completed page in the folder, ready to be used by the next student. Put the sleeve on the next page so it is ready for the next school day. Thank you to Luci for this great idea!