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Box It Up

At the end of the school year, people that homeschool take all their relevant materials to their evaluator. The students get evaluated. The evaluations get turned into the school district.

Previously I left all the school materials sitting on the shelf, while waiting for the reply from the school district. Have they have approved the work that was done? The school district can challenge the evaluation if they desire, then you need proof of all your work.

New revelation: box the materials you are not going to take to the evaluators. As you are going through the schoolwork, select the materials for the evaluator. The rest of the papers and completed workbooks go into a box. Put the box away in a closet. As soon you receive the letter from the school district with their approval, throw away the box with all the schoolwork in it. This way you go through the materials once and once your evaluations are over, you are finished with the exception of throwing away the box. You can enjoy your summer without the job of sorting last school years papers hanging over your head.