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Paint Protection for Interior Doors

This is the time of year to fall clean and spruce up your home. The ground is too soaked to work in, so now is the time to focus on cleaning and painting inside your home!!!

A closet door wrapped in vinyl tablecloth material.

Did you have leftover plastic tablecloth that comes on a roll? Are you about to paint a room or even just a closet? Wrap your interior doors with the plastic tablecloth and tape it together with painter’s tape.  Your doors will be protected from paint splatter and other accidents like touching the door while you have paint on your hands. By wrapping your doors in a protective shield, you will save yourself hours of time!

We also wrapped the trim with painter’s tape, to keep the trim free from stray paint. The kids helped with every step. The kids wrapped the closet doors and helped tape them. My children helped taping the trim. My sons helped paint using rollers.

A painted wall with bookshelf brackets.

Go ahead get something accomplished this fall or even this weekend!