June is the Time to Organize Winter Clothing!

Is not it beautiful outside?  After 10 weeks of ice and snow, the beautiful greens of the plants and trees and the blues of the sky are such a balm to the eyes.  Before we forget about the harsh winter we endured, now is the time to wash and inspect all that winter wear.  Wash all the snow pants, coats, winter underwear, wool socks, and winter headwear. Inspect the items after washing them. Hanging clothing on the wash line is a great way to inspect clothing and the sunshine used to dry your clothes is free! Throw away clothing that is ruined. Donate items that fit no one in the house any more. Mend any item that is ripped or needs a new zipper. Make a list of potential needs, such as snow pants for the seven year old because his older brother ruined the last pair which should have been passed down.

Pack everything away in boxes or airtight bins. Put the boxes and bins in the attic or closet and forget about them. When winter returns in a few short months, everything will be clean and neat. You will have some idea what you need for this winter because of your list. With everything packed away, you can forget about winter clothes and be guilt free.  If you wait it may be so hot you will not want to touch those insulating clothes. Get those winter clothes organized now!!

One thought on “June is the Time to Organize Winter Clothing!”

  1. Excellent plan, Donna. Great to think ahead. Sometimes you can even find end of season winter items less expensively in the store to purchase what you need for next winter if you realize ahead of time that you will need it.

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