Courageous Canning

Canning is hard work! Canning can be monotonous, hot, and exhausting. Because I am writing this blog, I measured the temperature above the stove as we were canning. Guess how hot it gets while you are canning? The temperature was over 120 degrees Fahrenheit! On Monday we canned for over 12 hours. It was nine o’clock in the evening when we turned off the canner. If you have a person who cans in the family, please honor them in some way the next time you are enjoying the fruits of his or her labor.

There is no way around it; canning is hard work.  The most obvious benefit to canning is enjoying the sight of the pretty jars nicely arranged in your cabinet or on your shelf. There is such a feeling of accomplishment seeing those jars neatly displayed. Another reason to can the bountiful harvest is the food is already paid for. I have a friend who doesn’t can her own sauce. She buys a sauce with three cheeses, in the space of one month in the fall the price of her sauce doubled. How can we afford that?

When I can, I do not add any dyes or high fructose corn syrup. I believe my tomato sauce is more healthful than what you can buy in the store. No dyes means easier clean-up.

Here is a food preservation tip. Do your legs get tired while you are in the kitchen preserving the harvest? One way to help alleviate aching legs is to have about three pairs of shoes in the kitchen all with different size heels. Every hour or so change shoes so that your legs get a different work-out. For one hour wear flats. The next hour try a pair of sneakers. For the third hour put on a pair of comfortable dress shoes. Changing shoes can help you get your canning finished with less stress on your legs and your legs may even get a workout. Preserving the harvest will be a little more comfortable. After all there is not much one can do about the heat!!!

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