Free Wrapping Paper

Teach your kids to respect money! Pastor Larry said more than once, money is your life’s blood.  You buy food with money.  You pay for shelter with money. You pay for transportation with money.  You have to pay to see the doctor, etc..

We recently bought a vinyl cover for our table. I usually buy one a year.  To prevent scratching, the manufacturer sells the covering with tissue paper between it. The vinyl comes in a roll.  We brought the material home from the fabric store and prepared the table to be covered by putting a clean tablecloth on it. We put the cover on the table and then stood back to admire it. The previous table cover had to be put up with for over a year and a half and was tattered before we threw it out.  I gathered up the tissue paper to throw it away, and my son said, “Hey, Mom, why don’t you keep that.  Couldn’t you use it to wrap birthday gifts?(Notice how I have taught him to ask questions as a sign of respect? PTL!)

I rolled up the paper. Put it in a safe place.  Free wrapping paper for birthday presents: an idea thought of by my son!

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