Think Spring- Strawberry Jam

     Winter winds are still whipping the snow covered landscape. What can you do to keep away the winter blues without spending much money? How about making a batch of strawberry jam? You will need 2 bags of frozen strawberries, a package of pectin, jelly jars, and some sugar. My daughter took 2 bags of frozen strawberries, thawed them in a large pot. She then crushed them with a potato masher. She then followed the manufacturer’s instructions on the box of pectin, with exception to the amount of fresh berries. She used the two whole bags of frozen strawberries. Do not forget to boil the jars for at least ten minutes.  Strawberry jam is delicious!

     If you make strawberry jam, what will you achieve? You will make the house warmer. You will add precious moisture to the dry air. Your house will smell like strawberries for a little while. You will have made a treat for your family with some to share. The smell of strawberries may bring pleasant visions of spring. A little encouragement that spring is not too far away, but remember to rejoice in the moment! What are the pleasant things that you can enjoy in this season? I like looking all that snow- it makes the landscape look so beautiful! Try eating a homemade biscuit with homemade strawberry jam on top while watching the snow fall: very pleasant I believe!

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  1. I love good biscuits with homemade jam. Do you have a good biscuit recipe? My biscuits are dry & gross

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