Smart Sewing Tip

   The winter wind is wonderfully brisk! Wonderfully brisk? It is freezing outside! Well it is wonderful if you like to sew and the cold weather means you have to be inside. How do we sew and save money at the same time? The obvious things are buy fabric when it is on sale. Utilize the fabric you already have. Sew clothing that you would have to buy anyway.  Buy a pattern that you can use more than once.

   I have a creative tip for you if you sew and are going to buy a new pattern. The price of a new pattern is sometimes $14.00 or more.  The tissue paper the pattern is printed on tends to fall apart if you use it more than once or twice, so what do you do? You could copy the pattern onto another medium such as interfacing or  paper bags but this process will take some time. If you bought a pattern and you are going to use, for example, the medium size and the extra large size, then you will have to copy the medium size onto something else.  I recently purchased a pattern for boys pants with the four pockets. The pattern has a medium size, a large size, and an extra large size. I copied the large size onto a virtually see-through fabric. I painted the edge of the pattern, that I copied onto the fabric, with clear nail polish to keep it from fraying. I then wanted to use the extra large sized pattern for two different pairs of pants. I used clear tape and taped wherever I would put a pin in the pattern, using about a two inch piece.  So far I have cut out four pairs of pants with one pattern and it is still holding together.  Putting the tape on did not take very long at all.  We cannot make something from nothing, but we can stretch our money so that we make every dollar count.

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