Fancy or a Fixer Upper?

A few decades ago, many young Americans looking for their first house were interested in finding a “fixer upper.” A house that needed some work, but could be improved by working to repair it on the weekends. We recently had our house appraised. The appraiser told me that today’s buyers are looking for houses with what she called “bling!”
She said, “Most people want to buy houses with everything in perfect order and many nice extras like a refrigerator with an ice dispenser.” Does the modern young American want a house solely to show off what their money can buy?
What about the personal satisfaction one derives from having painted a room with the colors you, yourself selected? What about your personal creative experience when you decorate a room using your own unique ideas?
Not only will buying a house that needs work save you money, but you will become a better person as you work hard and make some sacrifices by fixing up your own home.

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