Rainy Day Wash Lines

Years ago most homes had a rainy day wash line in the cellar. A rainy day wash line is twine strung back and forth across a section of the cellar on which you can hang your wash to dry. The wash line can be used when it is raining or snowing or just too cold for the wash to dry outside.

A rainy day wash line can save you money by giving you a place in inclement weather to dry your wash for free. Get up in the morning do a load of wash, hang it on your rainy day wash line, by the time you get home from work, the wash will be dry. You have saved the cost of running the dryer!

I also use my rainy day wash line for hanging waffle knits that tend to shrink in the dryer, and delicate items like dress clothes. Also clothes with nylon in them, for instance pants made with rip stop fabric, will last longer if you hang them to dry. If you only need to wash one load a day, you could eliminate using the dryer altogether with a little planning and discipline. I must admit, when I wash a load of white socks, even in the summer, I use the dryer. Focus on saving money by using the dryer less, not necessarily eliminating dryer usage.