Autumnal Abundance

Now is the time of the greatest portion of the harvest.  Tomatoes are ripe which can be made into stewed tomatoes, canned tomatoes, salsa, tomato sauce,  and wimpie sauce. Apples are ripening which can be made into applesauce, canned apple rings, and schnitz(dried apples).  Pears are ripening which can be canned in quarters,  made into pear sauce or dried. Peppers can be made into pickled peppers as well as being a big  part of salsa. Peppers can be frozen to be used in chili .

Break open a canning, cook book and see what looks interesting. Then go to your local grower or a farmer’s market and see what is available.  The only way to find out if you are able to preserve food for the winter is to try. I taught a woman how to make salsa last year. When we were finished, she kept repeating,”I can make salsa!”

She has taken courses in college and traveled but she was still overjoyed that she could make salsa and can it for the winter. I have many rambunctious boys in my home so I hide my jars of canned food in cabinets, but many women display their hard work on a decorated shelf in the kitchen. Our usefulness to others increases our value to others and our own self-esteem. Preserve the plenty!!!



Double the Dryer Softening

I have a new tip from a friend in Wisconsin to save you money on softening your clothes in the dryer.  We need to watch every dollar! Hanging wash on the line is the least expensive way to dry our wash. The northeast has been dry and hot, so I have been washing heavy quilts and comforters and hanging them on the line. The bedding will be clean for the winter.

At certain times of the year, we all have to use the dryer. Some people do not have the option to hang wash outside. To get clothes soft and static free, use dryer sheets. My friend in Wisconsin says cut the dryer sheets in half. You get twice the number of loads of softness for the same money!

Personally I am allergic to dryer sheets. I know others are too. We add a little more softener to the wash when it is in the washing machine.  Proverbs 10:4, “He who has a slack hand becomes poor, but the hand of the diligent makes rich.” Keep being frugal it will pay off.