Gardening in August

Are you getting the most out of your summer? Are you balancing enjoying the outdoors with harvesting and preserving the bountiful fruits and vegetables of the season?
In our garden the cucumbers are coming in faster than we can eat or preserve them. Now is the time to bless people who do not have gardens or who do not have the same vegetables as you,  with some of your extra produce.
Our first sowing of beans did not come up. Our second sowing is blossoming now so we will have beans soon. Canning or freezing beans is a great way to have garden grown produce when the ground is frozen.
Peaches are ripe now and the peach season is very short in our area. Get some peaches. Can peaches to enjoy on your oatmeal when the snow is falling. Peach jam is what you make when you cut up your blanched peaches for canning and they do not look so nice. Our favorite jam using peaches is blushing peach jam which is made from peaches and raspberries. Use your slightly disfigured peaches to make jam and then nothing is wasted.
Blackberries are ending. Pick the blackberries. Rinse them with water and put them in the freezer. You can make blackberry jelly or jam in the fall or winter when it is cold.
Apples and tomatoes will be ripening soon so we can make tomato sauce and dried apples!
Now is the time to plant fall crops. A second crop of peas, spinach, and plants from the cabbage family can be planted now for a fall crop. Soon the snow may be flying and the ground may be frozen so plant and harvest now.