Christmas Gifts

With Christmas less than a week away, how can we curb expenses without lessening our joy in the Christmas experience? Gifts are a very important part of Christmas. Older people tend to get joy from watching younger people open a special gift they purchased or made for them. Young children are almost wild with anticipation of the gifts they are going to receive this year.

If you still have gifts to purchase make sure the person who is receiving the gift truly expects a gift from you. For instance if you are getting Uncle Chuck a tie just so he has something to open don’t bother.  Men prefer home baked cookies or candy. If you are purchasing a gift for a grandchild and don’t know what to get, think about enduring quality. As an example close relatives who asked me what to get for my young sons, I suggested real tools. You could spend ten to twenty dollars on a real tool that the child could use and keep for years or you could spend twenty dollars on a plastic construction worker toy which may last six months.

Which gift would have the most positive impact?