Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas Everyone!

   Today is Christmas Eve!  Many people are  checking their gift lists to see if they have gotten a present for everyone. Many parents are asking,” Did we get all the presents the children asked for that we could afford?”

    Want to have a more meaningful Christmas? Why not ask yourself what could I do with one hour to help or to bless someone or a family that has less than we do? Do you have some toys that are in nice condition, could you bless a less fortunate family with those toys to put under their tree?  Could you take cookies to an elderly neighbor or maybe just stop over and spend a few minutes listening to them?  Are you having a big meal at your house and is there someone you could invite that has nowhere to go?  Do you have an extra roast in the freezer and know someone who has need of some food? If you have children, please take them with you or involve them in whatever you decide to do.

   If you are bold enough to accept my challenge to spend one hour of your Christmas Eve blessing others that are less fortunate than you, you will have a much better Christmas. You may realize how blessed you are. You may feel more content. Paul said in Acts 20:35′”I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of our Lord Jesus, that He said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.””

   You may ask, Donna, what does doing for others have to do with saving money or ‘making do’?  Answer: for just a little bit of money that you spent on the cookies you gave away or the gas to drive to a neighbor’s house or whatever you gave away, you may feel better about yourself, better about the world we live in, and the benefactor of your benevolence feels better too. You get all that good feeling from the little bit of money you spent in helping someone who has less than you.

Christmas Gifts

    With Christmas less than a week away, how can we curb expenses without lessening our joy in the Christmas experience? Gifts are a very important part of Christmas. Older people tend to get joy from watching younger people open a special gift they purchased or made for them. Young children are almost wild with anticipation of the gifts they are going to receive this year. If you still have gifts to purchase make sure the person who is receiving the gift truly expects a gift from you. For instance if you are getting Uncle Chuck a tie just so he has something to open don’t bother.  Men prefer home baked cookies or candy. If you are purchasing a gift for a grandchild and don’t know what to get, think about enduring quality. As an example close relatives who asked me what to get for my young sons, I suggested real tools. You could spend ten to twenty dollars on a real tool that the child could use and keep for years or you could spend twenty dollars on a plastic construction worker toy which may last six months. Which gift would have the most positive impact?