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Paint Protection for Interior Doors

This is the time of year to fall clean and spruce up your home. The ground is too soaked to work in, so now is the time to focus on cleaning and painting inside your home!!!

A closet door wrapped in vinyl tablecloth material.

Did you have leftover plastic tablecloth that comes on a roll? Are you about to paint a room or even just a closet? Wrap your interior doors with the plastic tablecloth and tape it together with painter’s tape.  Your doors will be protected from paint splatter and other accidents like touching the door while you have paint on your hands. By wrapping your doors in a protective shield, you will save yourself hours of time!

We also wrapped the trim with painter’s tape, to keep the trim free from stray paint. The kids helped with every step. The kids wrapped the closet doors and helped tape them. My children helped taping the trim. My sons helped paint using rollers.

A painted wall with bookshelf brackets.

Go ahead get something accomplished this fall or even this weekend!

How to Reuse Workbooks

Workbooks and textbooks used for homeschooling are expensive! How can you reuse them in order to save the expense of buying new ones for the next student? Perhaps you could have the student write in pencil and then spend hours erasing the pencil or…
Buy plastic sleeves and dry erasable markers. Remove the pages carefully from the workbook and have a handy place to keep them once the student is finished with it. Cover each workbook page with the plastic sleeve before the child works on the page. Have the student use the dry erasable markers on the page to do the work. When the student is finished, mark the work done in the teacher planner. Erase the work, which takes just seconds. Put the completed page in the folder, ready to be used by the next student. Put the sleeve on the next page so it is ready for the next school day. Thank you to Luci for this great idea!

Box It Up

At the end of the school year, people that homeschool take all their relevant materials to their evaluator. The students get evaluated. The evaluations get turned into the school district.

Previously I left all the school materials sitting on the shelf, while waiting for the reply from the school district. Have they have approved the work that was done? The school district can challenge the evaluation if they desire, then you need proof of all your work.

New revelation: box the materials you are not going to take to the evaluators. As you are going through the schoolwork, select the materials for the evaluator. The rest of the papers and completed workbooks go into a box. Put the box away in a closet. As soon you receive the letter from the school district with their approval, throw away the box with all the schoolwork in it. This way you go through the materials once and once your evaluations are over, you are finished with the exception of throwing away the box. You can enjoy your summer without the job of sorting last school years papers hanging over your head.